February 2019

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Galerie du Viaduc, 5806 St-Laurent Montreal, QC

Group show Featuring: Enrique Chan Morales - Le Massi -

Joanni Grenier - Emilie Buysse/Hould - Phil Mercier - Joshua Jensen -

Mico Mazza - Sandy Lebrun - Paras Vijan - Guillaume Saur

January 2019

Head Space, art @ Nouveau Palais III, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibition - Amanda Durepos

December 2018

Le Futur Passé, art @ Nouveau Palais II, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibition - Catherine Potvin

Octobre 2018

Playful Chaos, art @ Nouveau Palais, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibition - Marc-Olivier Lamothe

August 2018

We are where | Where are we, Garage, Montreal, QC

Group Show - Guillaume Huguet, Justine Skahan, Alex coma

April 2018

Rosita, Boxermans, Montreal, QC

Group Show - Stéphanie Morin and Max Hart Barnwell

March 2018

Cc: , The Letter Bet, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibition  -  Eve Saint Jean

December 2017 

"When the Snowman Melts", Studio Alexandra, Montreal, QC

Group Show - Marieke Denil, Laurent Palardy, Evangelos Michelis, Stéphanie Morin and Max Hart Barnwell

September 2017 

Bloom, Mainline Gallery, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibitio - Evangelos Michelis

July 2017 

Vista, Studio Alexandra, Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibition - Max Hart Barnwell